Sunday, August 5, 2012

Organic Bedbug Killer Diatomaceous Earth DE - Gets Rid of Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Bites for Good by Nature's Wisdom(10 Lb. Box)


Product Description

Get rid of bedbugs for good with Natures Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. You can put this powder down and it will remain effective until vacuumed or washed away. This DE is milled at a consistency much like flour and is a fossilized shell (diatom). This bed bug killer is considered safe and organic for home and garden use and has been a staple in organic gardening for many years. Our diatomaceous earth comes from one of the only four deposits in the US that are considered food grade. DE is purchased and used for control of bedbugs all around the country. Apply powder in all cracks and crevices, closets, baseboards, under the fridge and stove, mattresses, and anywhere bedbugs hide for long lasting and effective control. When purchasing make sure you are selecting AG Organics as the seller to receive the NATURES WISDOM BRAND. Other sellers, like Pure D Earth, have tagged on to our product page claiming to sell our brand. Fact is AG Organics is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Natures Wisdom Brand. Other sellers tag on to our pages and claim to sell our brand, clearly misrepresenting the product. If you order from a seller other than AG Organics you will be disappointed. We are working with Amazon to resolve this issue. Read the customer reviews on all our pages and AG Organics Feedback page and make an educated decision. AG Organics has 8 times the number of feedbacks over the imposter in just the last year with a higher customer satisfaction rating. We trust you will make the right decision and appreciate your business.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

When I moved into my new home, the basement was infested with woodlouse (roly poly - as some refer to them) bugs. It seems like I was smashing tons of them every day - especially during the night. I didn't want to use any chemicals because they greatly irritates my lungs. I purchased diatomaceous earth since it helped to get rid of a bedbug problem I had in my old place about 4 yrs ago.

I was set on trying to get rid of these pests. Although they are not wood-eating bugs and don't spread disease, they were just annoying to see. I had a bedroom built in the basement for my son and sitting down there watching tv with him these disgusting bugs would just crawl across the floor out of nowhere. This became extremely annoying. If you think like a bug and get those places where they hide, it will work. DE did the trick. Within 2 - 3 days of putting this stuff down I've been seeing dried up woodlous bodies on the basement floor. The DE fine powder absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of insects' exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate - thus, dried up insect bodies. I can tell that it was the DE that killed them because when I came across a few dead bodies, they had white powder all over them. Because of the DE, my son has seen a drastic decrease in these bugs and I'm happy that I can stop smashing them every day.

UPDATE: It's September 19, 2011 and still no woodlouse activity. These pests appear to be history. My son said he hasn't seen any in his room since the first application. I will continue to reapply the dust every so often to make sure they stay away. I've also notice that they were killing other types of crawling bugs around my house. In my last apt. it killed silverfish, cockroaches, bedbugs, millipedes, etc. and I expect it to do the same here. This is one of the best products out there for killing pests and keeping them at bay.

2nd UPDATE: As of April 2, 2012 there's still no woodlouse activity, but it's time for me to apply another application anyway to keep them far away! If they come in my house again, they will meet the same fate as the others.... DEATH lol.

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